About Us

MaxKold is a small and dynamic company established in 2007. We are based in North-East London carrying out National Distribution of exclusive products carefully sourced from around the world. Our team contains over 80 years of combined experience, not only in wholesaling but also in the contracting field. Our range of products are selected and in most cases built to our own specifications with the maximum emphasis on reliability, practicality, energy efficiency and competitiveness.

Our passion for efficiency, quality and diversity has led us into the online market where we will continue to provide a world class service where by we put the customer first.

MaxKold timeline:

– MaxKold established in 2007

– 2010 appointment UK distributor for Fieldpeice Insurments

– 2011 appointed UK distributor for Supco.

– Trade counter opens in 2012

– 2012 appointed UK distributor Carel Controller’s.

– 2013 appointed UK distributor for Nu-Calgon

– Online website launched 2013.

– 2013 appointed UK distributor for Kirkby Compressors.



I had to spec up a cold room for a customer who had an extremely short time frame. I rang Sam at MaxKold and he told me what I could and couldn’t use for the project. Thankfully they had a suitable compressor unit in stock and sent it out to me the next day. They even had the courtesy to run me through a afternoons worth of diagnostics when I foolishly programmed it wrong!! (haha thanks Ed) These guys will bend over backwards for you – I believe their customer service is award worthy!

– Al from Essex Refrigeration

My customer had a bit of an accident at work and unfortunately broke their dairy cabinet. Cut a long story short, we couldn’t source any of the parts we needed so by chance i called MaxKold. Even though they didn’t profit from my needs they still sourced the parts i needed and put us in touch with a company who provided them. I now only deal with MaxKold for my refrigeration needs!

– Fred from Aireworks